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Mike Jenner
Director, Head Coach
Maurya Rieder
Director, Senior Coach


This is some of the teachings you’ll be expecting on the night:


Behaviour Development Cycle

Lasting behaviour change is achieved by working on all four elements of the Behaviour Development Cycle. When you think about it, most leadership training programs focus on transferring knowledge from the instructor to the participant. A trainer stands at the front of the room, talks and occasionally answers questions from a class of students. Read more…

Four Stages of Learning

It may sound simple to effect behaviour change, but it’s not. It takes time, energy, focus and practice… which is why we work on one behaviour change at a time. Only when our participants reach the stage we call conscious competence do we move on to develop the next behaviour. Read more…

Speaker biographies

Mike Jenner

Marc Armitage

Maurya Rieder

Mike Jenner gained his Master of Business Administration at Harvard University before moving into business consulting with a focus on human behaviour and behavioural change.Mike moved his consulting practice to Australia and, since 2009, has been working with faculty at the University of Sydney Business School on their new Global Executive MBA program. He also lectures at the Australian Graduate School of Management and the Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales.But that’s not to say Mike Jenner is your typical academic. In fact, once you meet him, you’ll quickly discover he’s exactly the opposite. Combining huge energy, passion, a sense of humour and a highly approachable manner, he instantly makes his clients feel at ease and challenges them to open up to dynamic new thoughts and behaviours.

Marc completed his undergraduate study in Politics and Law, and now works for the Attorney General’s Department specialising in outreach and cross cultural communication. Marc is three quarters of the way through an MBA at the University of Sydney and received a Dean’s Letter for exceptional academic achievement for marks in Semester 1 of 2014.He’s passionate about what he does because Marc loves seeing people succeed and being part of their journey. It is incredibly satisfying to resolve a misunderstanding, enable a solution or assist someone to reach their full potential.Marc’s expertise helps people in raising their self awareness and helping them understand how they come across to others. He’s best directed to motivating others to understand themselves and best influence others through that journey.

Maurya’s extensive people management experience coupled with her direct communication skills and no-nonsense style, make her a highly effective professional coach. While program participants love the fact that she’s not afraid to call a spade a spade, most of all, they respect her real-world focus and extraordinary dedication to developing their own effectiveness.

From 1997 til 2002 Maurya was engaged as a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting. In this capacity she ran a U.S. $40m public policy business, directly managing a team of 30 consultants and indirectly managing more than 10,000 clinicians.

Additionally, Maurya has held positions as Chief Operating Officer and General Manager with companies including Illinois Tool Works and General Motors – and in doing so, has firsthand experience of many of the people management challenges our client executives face.

Event Details

Event Details
Date: November 6th 2014
Time: 5:45pm Registration for 6pm start
Venue: Level 5, Hong Kong House, 80 Druitt St Sydney, NSW, 2000
Cost: $138.00
Tickets: Eventbrite
Catering: There will also be catering serving finger food during breaks


I was really impressed with Mike and his team’s approach during our team’s session. It was incredibly practical, and really honed in on the specific behaviours we wanted our people to get better at. They were able to see what best practice looks like, then practice until they felt comfortable applying the skills in the real world. We will definitely book the team for future sessions, and already look forward to the next one! – Hanan Campbell, CEO, Investa

There are a myriad of corporate coaches available, and most with very useful content. What made Mike’s session so different was not the what, but the how. Rather than just preaching and presenting, Mike actually put us to work. We were doing, doing, doing the entire session. And that practical experience (and feedback along the way) has made a real difference in the way our team has built their skills and applied them in their everyday working lives. Thanks, Mike! – Matt Tapper, National Marketing Director, Lion Company

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